C programming in qnx version 6.5

i have Neutrino QNX Version 6.5.
Is it possible to install gcc-4.9.0 for create c scripts ? If yes, where can i find a manual for install gcc-4.9.0 ?
Is it possible to implemente a c-shell in Neutrino QNX Version 6.5 ? If yes, where can i find a manual for s shell ?

What does this sentence mean? What is a c script? Is it a c program? Is it the c shell? In general, users do not install versions of gcc other than the ones that QNX provides. Reasons? Well I think you would need to compile the system libraries with the new compiler, but the source is not available. Is it possible to install gcc-4.9.0, yes, but it would be challenging I believe.

If you are looking for a manual to install gcc-4.9.0 in QNX 6.5, I don’t think you will find it.

If you mean is it possible to compile THE c-shell, yes. There is no manual for this. You might want to start by looking at pkgsrc for QNX.


These guys have a C/C++ compatible shell for QNX6.

This is what is known in the trade as an interpreter. I guess you are probably right that it is what he’s looking for Mario.