QNX License Renewal

Howdy Folks,

I acquired the QNX Evaluation License a few weeks ago. I’m in college and working with a few professional Developers.
Due to malfunctioning hardware (long anomaly) we did not fully get to test QNX/Momentics for the desired purposes we chose it. The entire testing came to halt as we sorted out other issues.

The goal we have is (among others) to write a scanner software combo. How well can QNX serve a file / office hardware router is our consideration.

As such, I am interesting in acquiring a QNX NON-COMMERCIAL Developer License. Currently I’m in charge of organizing tools for a personalized linux/QNX IDE.

Is it possible to write QNX by email/ otherwise contact them toward this end?
How can I be considered for this : NCEULA 4.2 NON-COMMERCIAL DEVELOPER LICENSE ?

Thanks in advance.

The QNX web site is a good place for this information.

There is no such thing as a QNX NON-COMMERCIAL Developper anymore.

Check out their QNX-in-Education at qnx.com/company/education/ ).

As for serving as a file server and office router, the routing part is ok but the file server is not (samba isn’t supported). There are better solution out there to do that.

I’ve been told that my off-line email to a contact at QNX has resolved this. Let me know if that is not so.

Huh? Does not compute


What do you mean by Samba is not supported?


Last I checked the latest version of smbd wasn’t available, and you need it to access Windows Vista and above shared drive.


You mean accessing Windows shared drives from a QNX machine?

I can access QNX shares from Windows just fine using Samba.

So it’s possible the original poster would be fine if they just wanted to use QNX to provide the shared drive and have Windows machines map to it.