QNX6.6 Runtime Installer

I’m fairly new to QNX but mainly have experience of QNX 6.3.0. I’m now looking at using version 6.6. however this no longer comes with a runtime installer which I need for my application.

The target has a hard-disk (HD) and I can use one of the QNX provided BSPs (x86) to build a generic x86 image and place on to a bootable USB. The target can then boot from this USB but obviously no QNX OS is placed onto the hard disk.

To simplify matters I could potentially copy a pre-built image of QNX onto the harddisk and (naively) I tried to ‘dd’ the USB’s partion onto the hard disk but the target then no longer boots. My second thought was to build a second OS image specifically for the HD and somehow include that in the bootable image. This could then be ‘dd’ to the hard drive. Unfortuantely I’m not sure how to proceed i.e. build a bootable USB to include the HD’s bootable image nor even if this method is suitable.

The x86 BSP seems to use binaries (diskimage and mkxfs) that are not documented other than what is described in the BSP’s user-guide.

Could anyone provide some pointers in how I could build and install an image to harddisk?

Many thanks

Well, I think you should contact QNX directly about this. I’ve complained to them about how poorly the roll out of QNX 6.6 was, but they really don’t want to listen to me.

I can offer two suggestions.

  1. Try QNX 6.5

  2. Download the QNX 6.6 VM and use it to create a QNX partition that can be dd’d to a hard drive.

QNX is an embedded and real-time OS, however it can’t be easely embedded on x86

We use QNX650 to create and format devices which we connect through USB ( QNX650 runs VMWare ).

We worked on QNX6.6 image that could be put on a device via QNX650 but it was decided to not upgrade to QNX660 as Blackberry/QNX doesn’t not treat us as important enough customer. Hence a switch to Linux is in the plan.