qnx6fs supported OS versions?


  1. what are all the qnx6fs supported OS versions there in qnx
  2. can able to download fs-qnx6.so .is it asking licence?

i am using qnx6.2 os versions and qnx4 filesystem .

thanks and regards,

It’s really hard to know what you are asking but I’ll try to answer anyway.

Originally QNX 6 used the same file system (well pretty close) that QNX 4 used, so it has been given the name “The QNX 4 File System”. By convention, QNX 4 file systems have partition numbers 77, 78 or 79. QNX 4 partitions are initialized with dinit.

As of QNX 6.4 or maybe 6.5 a new file system was created. It’s actually a little slower, and requires certain hardware from the hard drives it runs on to work properly. It is somewhat more robust, sort of. If for example you are writing to a file and you lose power, the file system is coherent when you power back on. You may however have lost some data that was written to the hard drive. By convention, QNX 6 file system partitions are numbered 177, 178 and 179.

You probably can’t use the newer file system on QNX 6.2.