QNX 4.24 commands

I have a system with QNX v4.24 in a machine. I need your help because I don’t have information about this software. This machine uses a PCMCIA card SanDisk of 64MB as a Hard Disk (Flash Disk) but, it doesn’t work under program. Well, I have a Flash disk whit the same program in another machine, How can I copy all information from the good Flash disk to a new one, thus replace the flash disk that doesn’t work??

If anybody haves any tip for this please send me any information.


Does you machine has a hardrive that it boots from? Are the flash disk the same model/size ?

Basicaly what it comes down to is just like a HD copy, problem is can you connect both Flash at the same time?

From what I gathered he’s either using a flash disk mounted as a HDD, which is just odd. Or he jsut wants to copy a flash disk which in case he should be able to just pull everything off the flash disk and then put it on a different one. If your using it as your HDD or a partition in which it’s prescence depends upon your machine being up then find a laptop or something and copy it over.

What’s odd about that?

Maybe I’m behind on the time’s which is entirely possible traveling most of the year. I just don’t see the benifit of mounting a flash disk with the bare O/S of QNX and having enough room to fit a few programs and documents. Unless he mounted it as a seperate partition for special/extra file storage. But then again I’ve done stranger things before :slight_smile:

Advantages of flash disk over HD are

  • Can withstand more vibration
  • Space and heat constraint
  • Power consumption
  • Higher MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)