Edit a existing qnx

i’m new here.

I have a existing Qnx Neutrino 6 on a Device.

Ifs-root, efs-system, …

Now i like to “edit” and modify this existing system with other configs and selfmade applications.

How i can beginn?

Can i mount the ifs and edit them or i need to load it in to qnx developmet platform?

Qnx development platform can i not use… I dosen’t get a trail key for it.

Is a qnx freeware avalible?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Can you be more specific about which version?

Did you develop this system or are you hacking an existing product that you have obtained?

These files system were probably created using a build script. If you don’t have that build script, you could copy the files out of the file system and create your own build script. This doesn’t sound like you are in control of the development system that created these. If you have a legitimate reason to do this, you can talk with the developer. If not, we are not very interested in helping you here.

Well to do anything meaningful, you will probably need a development system. QNX sometimes gives these out to people in educational situations but generally speaking, commercial developers need a license. A past version, I think 6.2, briefly had a free version that you could develop on for non-commercial purposes. 6.2 is very out of date. QNX has changed a lot since then having been bought from Harmon by BlackBerry.

That old version might be available somewhere on the web, but as I said, it’s very out of date. It will not be useful for what you were describing above unless it is the same version.

Hello, thanks for answeswer :slight_smile:

The Version is 6.3.2 Neutrino.

I have no buildscript. I’m student and like to custimize and develop new tools for my own QNX Device in my car only for me.

I think i can learn some over the QNX by the way.

I don’t own the development tools from qnx but i try to get a student licence for it. Previously i try to get the older Version 6.2 to test :slight_smile: