DHCP Not Working


MY Operating System is Windows 64-bit OS. By using the VMware player i installed QNX ver 6.2.0

Now After installing that, in N/W options i have selected DHCP and i clicked OK.

It throws the Following error :

“netmanager error : could not configure DHCP on interface en0
netmanager error : dhcp.client: could not reach DHCP server on interface en0”

But if i did same in Windows 32 bit OS it is working fine…

Can you post the results of ‘ifconfig’ command and the contents of the file net.cfg in the /etc directory.


PFA Snap shots

Your net.cfg file says you are using manual/static IP (mode manual) not DHCP.

Try changing it to mode dhcp then reboot. See if that works.

If it doesn’t, post the results of the same 2 commands again.


it is probably defaulted to manual because it failed to connect using DHCP. Can you try to setup a manual IP and see if that work first to verify that your connection and hw driver is all working as expected.
Double check if your DHCP server is not maxed out on ip address assignments.

Also I don’t think 32bit or 64bit host os matters here, as long as your vmware player is running 32bit os guest OS.