High-speed CAN @ 1 Mbits not working in iMX6S based board..

We are not able to transmit/receive any data from our iMX6S based custom board to a HS CAN simulator at a data-rate of 1 Mbits.

Started the driver with the following command “dev-can-mx35 -c 30000000 -B 0x01,0x03,0x07,0x01,0x01 -D -M -x can1”.
Tried to transfer data from the board to CAN simulator, but we do not see any data being received on the simulator.
The above setup works for a bit-rate of 125 Kbits.

The above bit-rate are based on the values for the following link i.e. port.de/en/bit-timing.html.
Options used are “Freescale flexi can” and “30 MHz CAN rate “.