Qnx 6.2 to QNX 6.6

i have a Photon GUI Interface code developed through QNX6.2.0 photon Application Builder.

Now i want to Compile and run this Photon Applicaiton GUI (6.2.0)… in the Latest QNX 6.6 which supports QT.

Here i want to find latest “QT Equivalent calls(QNX 6.6)” for the Photon App builder 6.2.0.

Please tell me how do to that.

Look at : kdab.com/services/platforms/qt-for-qnx/
KDAB has a porting tool from Photon to Qt, which costs money.
Or start from scratch which I would prefer.

That is like asking a Car driver to translate its driver skill to motocycle riding. The two tools can get you somewhere but they operate diffentely. There is no such think as QT equivalent to Photon call.

First Photon is C based (although you could say that it`s object orriented) and QT is C++ based. You will have to learn both and then try to port the application. Depening on the nature of the application a complete rewrite may be required.

Maybe you are under the impression that QNX provide a seemless transition from Photon to QT given that Photon is not available under QNX6.6. But QNX prefer going after bigger customer than takeing care of their existing one. QNX does not offer any migration path to ease the move from Photon to whatever. One option you have is to port you applicatoin to QNX6.5 which still has Photon, that should be fairly simpile. Then take your application and Photon itself and have them run on QNX6.6. Or you might go with 6.5 instead of 6.6. Or while being at it given you are probably facing a rewrite of your app ( the GUI part at least) swith to another operating system. Lots of avenues to consider.

Good luck.

As you explained yourself, Photon and Qt are fundamentally different, so there CAN’T be an “easy” migration path. QNX does have a competent Services team, and offers consulting/support to get existing Photon code over to Qt, in cooperation with KDAB. AFAIK KDAB got all the Photon source code so they are in a very good position to migrate even complex Photon applications.

On the other hand, why does it have to be 6.6? What is in 6.6 that isn’t in 6.5? And 6.5 does run Photon, and will do so as long as your hardware stays alive.