Qt in QNX 6.6

Does QNX 6.6 supports Qt?
If yes, Can you please tell how it supports.
Does the QNX 6.6 package require any Qt environmental setup to be installed (like Qt patches) along with QNX 6.6 for compilation of Qt based application in QNX 6.6?
And QNX 6.6 is available only for Windows host and Linux host. How to make it compilabile(Neutrinos Host) in a separate server without using Linux/Windows host?

Yes, but I`m not sure how one would obtain it and if there is extra cost.

I do not know the answer to that I would contact QNX directly

I do not know the answer to that. I would contact QNX directly. I would guess you a special setup is required to install and run Qt, it’s a totaly different environment then photon.

Officially you can’t, someone has ported gcc to QNX6.6 , but since there is no photon, it would make a very poor development envirnoment IMHO. Photon taken from 6.5 to 6.6 but it’s rather painful.

Why don’t you just use QNX 6.5.0 and stick to Photon. Your level of expertise seems to be too low for the task at hand.

Yes QNX6.6 supports Qt for x86 and ARM platforms.
It is possible to obtain Qt libraries for both platforms and also the QT Creator from QSSL web site, but note this is not for commercial purposes.
I was able to gather everything from QNX site and being in process of exploring that venue. I must say Qt is amazing framework and much more powerful than Photon.
For commercial purposes contact Digia(or KDAB ) to obtain commercial license. They will provide you with all needed Qt binaries and Development Tools for QNX6.6 along with extensive Tech Support. Costs money, but pays off!
Better go with the new stuff than an obsolete framework like Photon. In very near future there will be nobody officially supporting Photon and or QNX 6.5.


A few corrections. You do not need the commercial license for Qt from Digia to use Qt in a commercial project. You just need to use and follow the alternative licensing. Also, it is not the case that in the future there will be no support for Photon. That already is the reality today.

Depends on what you require for support. 6.5 is still being supported and so is Photon. However if you need fixes, optimizations or new graphics drivers for Photon, you’ll need a Priority Support or Custom Services contract with QNX. These are only affordable to larger companies though, so those who sit in mini dev teams of 1…3 people doing just everything about their company’s product, probably don’t have the budget. :cry:

Which in practical terms is just what I just said.