Funtion to get interrupt number from driver

Hi every one,

In QNX4, is there any funtion to get interrupt number assigned for a driver ?

Example, I have a driver, named “DriverA”, running on system QNX 4.25.
And, I want to know what is interrupt number which was assigned for this driver “DriverA” ?

Is there any C funtion to get this number?


There might be a parameter to sin which will give you this information. Try “use sin”.

Yeah, thank for your reply. There is no C function for this, isn’t it?

I will try using system(“sin driverA”) :slight_smile:

If sin can find it, there must be a programatic way to get it. However it might be rather obscure. You might want to scan through any appropriately named .h files to look for a message that might provide this.