How can I get hard disk info and cpu info on QNX6.5

I use QNX 6.5 X86,I want get the Harddisk( sata II or sata III) info such as hard disk id ,volume and cpu info such as cpu numbers,frequency and so on. But I cann’t find the Api function to get them,who can give me some suggests? thank you.

This might give you some of what you want … nfstr.html

Not sure about disk id’s. But I did see this post that you can copy the example and try and see if it’s what you want (you have 6.5 so it should work there). … _pagenum=4



Sorry for the late reply.
You can use the following code snippet.
Use open to open the device like:-

fd = open("/dev/hd0", O_RDONLY);

and then use stat(fd, …).
Inside the stat structure, you may find the information you need about hard disk.