HTML4 rendering engine for QNX 4.25

Dear all,

It has been quite a long time since we last posted a query to
You guys have been so wonderful in clarifying our concerns.

Here we come with a new query!!
We need to display HTML4 pages on our QNX4.25.
We read about QNX voyager 2 browser which supports ACCESS Netfront engine which supports HTML4.
But this news was posted in the year 2003. Long time after QNX4.25 was released.

Also read about QNX browser engine based on webkit engine. But this post also refers to QNX 6.4.1 version. … about.html

Our query is: How can we implement HTML4 rendering engine support to QNX4.25?
Can a porting of some of these rendering engines help us?
Could you share some of your valuable thoughts on our query?


Dear all,

After an initial research on this subject, I have some more questions.
Two options I am asking.

  1. Read that Voyager browser can be configured for its back-end like vserver or opera or mozserver.
    Is there any possibility that to implement html4 support in QNX4.25, we just need to configure voyager to a backend engine which supports html4?


  1. Is the only method to getting HTML4 support on QNX4 is to only port any rendering engine with HTML4 support to QNX4.25?

Could you please confirm if any of my understandings is correct or not?
Please shed some light to my queries.


Dear all
Could anyone please respond to our queries?
We are waiting for your reply…


In QNX 6 Photon has a web page widget. It was able to connect to various back engines, most notably the mozilla one. I don’t know if QNX 4 Photon has this widget, but it is certainly worth checking.

Do yourself a favour and move to QNX6. Porting an existing HTML4 rendering engine is no easy task. With the old compiler, I’m not even sure it is possible.

Thank you all for the valuable information!!