Not install QDB on QNX 6.5

Hi all
Please help me, I installed OS QNX 6.5 but it’s not lib file …, how download this file and setup QDB on QNX 6.5

Are you sure about that? I’m using qdb with a library for sql-life. I’m sure I didn’t download either, which would mean that QNX 6.5 must have come with it. I can check the details tomorrow if you are certain that you don’t have it.

Hi maschoen,I sure that, because I’m using QNX 6.5 but it’s not lib QDB and now i don’t know download. and how run QDB in QNX 6.5
please help me, by more detail
Thanks maschoen :slight_smile:

I checked my system. It came with the following files:


That is what you need to start qdb. Also, there are the files:


These are used when you link your application using the qdb_*() api routines.

If you are missing any of these files, you may not have installed properly.

Are you using a self hosted system or are you using Momentics?

Hi maschoen
I know about that files, but my system have not that lib files, and I don’t know how download that files because my system QNX 6.5 have not
How can you show for me, more details or how create account?? download in Center Download of QNX??

They are part of QNX 6.5. If you download any of the 6.5 install disks, and install them, then you will have the files. They may not be where you expect them to be, but they are there.

Hi, I try but not install QDB, i don’t find lib of QDB in QNX 6.5, please view Image attachment

I have no explanation for this.