Transfer files between QNX 6.3 and ubuntu

Dear all,

I am using boot from live CD option in QNX 6.3 on ubuntu 14.04 using virtual box.
I need to share files between ubuntu and QNX. I have tried to share my folders, but was not success.
Ping is working fine.
Edited /etc/inetd.conf files for using telnet and ftp services. phrelay service to work from momentics also failed.
Is there any other solution ?

Thanks in advance

You could use fs-nfs2/3 on QNX to mount a shared directory from Ubuntu.

i connect from ubuntu to the FTP server running on the QNX machine. By default root doesn’t have a password and is disallowed from connecting via FTP. Either give root a password and modify the ftpd configuration file or create a new user and connect as that user.

Sharing folders between QNX and ubuntu didn’t work for me.
Added a new user in QNX machine and enabled ftp. This works fine.

Thank you all

You could also start qconn. Then, on Ubuntu, use the QNX Momentics IDE, Target File System Navigator. You can cut/copy/paste files this way too.

Thats the problem.
I am using boot from live CD option in QNX 6.3 on ubuntu 14.04 using virtual box.
So the above options like connecting from IDE etc is not working.
Ping between machine is working fine

Also now, the file system is read only. Is there any option to mount a usb file system ?

I don’t see why booting the live CD option wouldn’t allow you to connect from IDE. You just have to manually start ‘qconn’ on the QNX side, and create a ‘target’ with the corresponding IP address on the Linux side in the Momentics IDE.

Did devb-umass already exist in 6.3? It’s so long ago… Why are you using such an old QNX version btw.?

Yup, it exists in 6.3 and can be used to mount a USB file system.

Can you use Samba to mount the QNX filesystem from Ubuntu? In QNX 6.3 is works just fine allowing Windows machines to read/write files on a QNX machine (including virtual machines).