Netfront web server in QNX

Hi all,

QNX mentions about netfront server in QNX 6.3.0.
But I can’t find the executable on my system.
Is it available only with Web browser TDK [] ?


But why do you care?

You should go 6.6 and Apps & Media SDK. It contains the same web browser that’s being shipped on current BlackBerry smartphones. It’s cutting edge web browser / HTML5 rendering stuff, optimized for QNX and proven in use in millions of devices. And it’s from 2014 not from 2008 like the one you are asking for. :slight_smile:

Currently i have no plans for an upgrade to QNX 6.6;
So in that case, purchasing Web browser TDK is the only option, right ?

If you want Netfront on 6.3 - yes. Question is why you would want it. AFAIR 6.3 shipped with Mozilla which was, for that time, ok. Netfront was a bit better though, and available on ARM aswell, AFAIR.

For html 4 support, i may require Netfront

By default the Voyager is the browser in QNX 6.3 with mozserver rendering engine.
As per … yager.html, voyager browser can be configured to work with vserver/netfront rendering engine. As vserver rendering engine is already available, we tried voyager -n vserver; but when listed the running
programs using pidin, observed that mozserver is running instead of vserver.

Is there anything else we need to do for configuring vserver instead of mozserver.
Is there any dependency with file /etc/photon/webserver, details given below

default server for “online” browsing (Voyager client by default uses this)

#online = vserver,VoyagerServer-2
#online = netfront,NetfrontServer
online = /opt/Mozilla/mozilla/ /opt/Mozilla/mozilla/mozserver,MozillaServer

default server for help browsing

help = vserver.file,VoyagerFile

Thanks in advance