Opera rendering engine configuration

Dear all,

We are just trying to configure the back-end engine in QNX6.x.
Some links like the following says it is possible to configure the back-end engine to opera.

But we are not pretty sure how to do it.
I have searched in our QNX6.4 machine references of opera… Didn’t find any keyword…
Can you please tell us how we can incorporate opera rendering engine in QNX?
Has anyone already ported it to QNX?
How this works?

Looking forward to your reply…
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Dear all,

I have successfully downloaded Opera server for QNX from the link http://arc.opera.com/pub/opera/qnx/
The file is of .qpr format.
I have installed it using qnxinstall in our QNX6.3 machine.
Also installed it in our QNX6.4 machine by copying the qnxinstall binary from QNX6.3 to QNX6.4.

I am now trying to configure my voyager browser in QNX6.3 to work with opera server.
I have edited my /etc/photon/webservers file to the following:
[i]# default server for “online” browsing (Voyager client by default uses this)
#online = vserver,VoyagerServer-2
#online = netfront,NetfrontServer
#online = /opt/Mozilla/mozilla/run-mozilla.sh /opt/Mozilla/mozilla/mozserver,MozillaServer

online = /opt/opera/opera,OperaServer-2

default server for help browsing

help = vserver.file,VoyagerFile
r [/i]

I have then opened voyager browser and checked the output of pidin command.
I found “opera” is running.
Voyager browser is also running. But it seems the browser is lacking something.
Seems like browser window is hanging… The background is not loading correctly.
It seems there are some problems. I am attaching the screenshot (2014-11-26_131154.jpg) with this post
for a better understanding.

Please share your thoughts on this issue.


That Opera archive was last updated in 2001!

That’s long before QNX 6.3 or QNX 6.4 came out. It’s possible the binaries aren’t compatible in some way with 6.3 or 6.4.

Not to mention the fact that in 2001 browser standards were light years from where they are in 2014. I’d be surprised if it worked at all. What you are doing is the equivalent of taking software that was written for Win 98 and trying to install and run it in Windows 7. You shouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t work.

What’s exactly at test?


Thank you for your reply, Tim.


“Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance”