Telnet Not Working

I have two QNX PC’s

  1. QNX 6.2.0
  2. QNX 6.5.0


1.When i try telnet connection from QNX 6.2.0 PC to QNX 6.5.0 PC
It displays the Following message " Connection closed by Foreign Host"

  1. When i try to connect QNX 6.2 from Putty and from Putty(6.2) i able to connect QNX 6.5 successfully. But From the QNX 6.2 PC i am unable to connect to QNX 6.5 PC

Vice versa ( From QNX 6.5.0 to QNX 6.2.0 telnet connection is working fine )

That’s strange.

What command are you giving on your 6.2 machine when you try to telnet to your 6.5 machine?

On your 6.2 machine can you telnet to yourself (ie: telnet successfully?

Since you can Putty into your 6.2 machine and then successfully telnet out to your 6.5 machine it sounds like (A) You are puttying in as a different user (B) something is not set up right in your shell / photon window etc if you are puttying in as the same user.


A)In 6.2 QNX MAchine i logged in as a root user.
Then i given the command “telnet”(QNX6.5) by opening a terminal.
It shows the Error “Connection closed by Foreign Host”.

B)The same thing when i connect the 6.2 machine through Putty as a root user.
And then in the Putty if i am connecting “telnet”(QNX6.5) . Now i am able to connect to QNX 6.5 successfully.