Touch screen not working in QNX6.5

I am porting my S/w from QNX 6.2.0 to QNX 6.5.0.

Here my touch screen for QNX 6.5 is not working.

i am using the following command to activate my driver.
devi-elo smartset -R fd -d/dev/ser1 .

Here my touch screen driver is running. if i touch my display(GUI-Photon) it is not working.

Also i found that by giving cat command for ser1 it is receving the Touch command which i entering in the screen. But my touch is not responding.

i am able to do the touch events my Mouse.

My Questions are

  1. Whether QNX 6.5 photon will support both mouse click and Touch events at same time.
  2. Or I have to disable my Mosue Pointer and have to start only touch screen,
    3 .Please suggest one good approach for me

Have you created the calibration file? Someone else solved a different touch screen issue that way: … =7&t=12389

If that isn’t working you may want to start devi-hid with extra verbosity and then use sloginfo to see if anything is reported.


Yes. Both the mouse and touch screen need to send events through the HID (Human Interface Device) driver.
The way this works may have changed since 6.2, I’m not sure. Use the help display and search in hid.

If you get stuck, post again and I’ll lookup our setup that does this.