Hello, I am a Student, this is my first post in this forum so I am introducig myself.

I am from Uruguay so I apologize in advance for my bad english but my natal tongue is spanish.

I havent installed yet the OS (I did some tests a few years ago with v4).

I will install it where I can find a version (by the way, I am still looking for a link to download the ISO of the apropiate version)

Cheers all


You can download 30-day trial version of latest version of QNX ISO as well as SDK from
You can even request to QNX for the trial version license key on the same link.
Before that, you may need to create a new user login at the link
Hope this helps… Happy QNX exploring!!

Best Wishes,


Another new information for you. It was new to me, in fact.
Please also check the link below.

They say, these licenses are non-commercial and they don’t expire.
You can even try this for your learning purpose.
Let me know if this works.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance

Thanks for your reply, I tried the first option and the company denied it (they say I dont qualify for that)

I was about to try your second suggest but it seems to be for University undergoin proyects and thats not my case, I could lie to them in the apply form but that would be just as “pirating” the software so I guess ill have to pass :frowning: