OpenWatcom compiler for QNX 4.25

Dear all,

Our QNX 4.25 machine has Watcom 10.6 and Watcom 9.52 already installed;
but it is having some license issue while compiling CPP files.
So we are trying to use OpenWatcom compiler on our QNX 4.25 machine.
We recently found the Open Watcom Source for QNX from:

We have copied the binary to our QNX 4.25. But on compiling
a sample CPP file using this compiler, we are getting these errors from the include file,



Could you please some shed some light onto our issue?

Thanking you in advance,
“Wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year in advance!!”

The licensing problem compiling CPP files may be related to the fact that the C++ Watcom compiler was licensed separately. If you do not have the C++ license, you can’t compile C++ programs. The Watcom C compiler license starts with wcc, the C++ license starts with wpp.

I do not understand the problem with the open source version of the compiler, but it looks like a problem with where the include files are located. Did you search the machine for streambu.h? Did you check in iostream.h for where streambu.h is requested?

Thank you, lot Maschoen for your reply.
We were analyzing more on this issue.

Attached is the screenshot (screenshot-1.jpg) which we found on checking licenses in our QNX4.25 machine.
It seems there is no wpp license in it.
Do you have any idea on how to activate wpp license?

In the header file iostream.h it is looking for another header file streambu.h.
Streambu is used for compatibility with other vendors who include “streambuf” in IOSTREAM.H.
Anyway we have fixed this issue by adding the streambu header file to the directory /usr/include.

Finally we could compile our CPP code by using Open Watcom in QNX 4.25.
It generates an object file, but executing the object file give errors. Please see the attached screenshot(screenshot-2.jpg).
Could you please share your thoughts on these concern?

Thanking you in advance,

As far as the wpp license, you will have to talk to QNX about this. The C++ license was sold separately from the C license. I don’t know what the situation is with respect to obtaining a wpp license. The short story is that Watcom was bought by a much bigger software company who almost immediately shut down and abandoned the compiler. It could be the QNX would still be obligated to charge for the WPP license and send a royalty on. I just don’t know.

With respect to the problem running the program, I’m not surprised. Compiling code to an object form should produce something very standard. Linking the code is another matter. QNX 6 uses a standard executable format, but I don’t think QNX 4 did. You might try taking the object files and linking them with the wcc linker.

Why are you trying to execute an object file?

Object files need to be linked with libraries to produce executables.