Best GUI fro QNX

Hi folk,

I am newbie in QNX. I am working on a medical device. It has one x86 machine with QNX OS. I have to monitor.
So I have to develop a gui that has control on both the monitors. So I have some options to make gui in Qt, Photon, etc.
My question is, which is best for my application where I have to access two screens :question:


You could try Crank Storyboard or Qt. The usage of two displays depends however also on the underlying support of the QNX screen graphics framework.,

You didn’t say which OS version of QNX you are using. If you are using QNX 6.6 your only choices are Qt and Crank Storyboard. Neither of these is a desktop GUI. They are both graphical packages. On QNX 6.6 they work on top of “Screen”. Qt seems to have an API for dealing with multi monitor, see:


If you are using QNX 6.5, Photon is also available, however this is a dead end. Photon will not be available beyond QNX 6.5.

Crank Storyboard is a very nice product developed by a competent and friendly company. I would contact them directly for details on Storyboard multi-monitor support.

There is also HTML5 as an HMI option, with the QNX SDK for Apps and Media. The HTML5 engine is the same deployed in BB10, so it’s field proven and optimized for QNX. Still it’s a big beast because HTML5 wasn’t really designed for Embedded.

You also just could use ‘screen’ standalone, either using some of their simple API displaying a few images, enough for a simple GUI, and/or use OpenGL ES directly.