Data Recovery

I’m trying to recover some data off a QNX 6.5 box and there are no backups. These are just deleted files, the partitions are not corrupted. I’ve found several utilities for QNX 4 that assist in this, such as diskraw and undel. Does anyone know of similar utilities for QNX6 that could help in this situation?

There may be QNX 6 versions, I don’t know. The original QNX 6 file system was the almost identical to the QNX 4 file system. The only difference I recall had to do with handling files with very long file names. So the QNX 4 utilities running under QNX 4 could probably work.

If you are using the newer QNX 6 file system, well I’ve never seen any documentation on the details so you might want to contact QNX about this.
In any case, do not do anything to the disk until the recovery is complete, or at least make a sector to sector copy.

I tried the QNX4 apps on the QNX6FS but they don’t work. I’m currently working off of a DD image and would love to see if anyone ever ported these apps to the QNX6FS.


I guess I should have stated that the older QNX 6 file system is called QNX 4, and the newer file system is called QNX 6. So as I stated already, the newer file system is completely different. So to recover a corrupted QNX 6 file system you will need information on its structure that I have never seen published. I suggest you contact QNX directly on this matter.