USB Audio Driver for QNX 4.25

I am trying to get USB Audio working in QNX 4.25 as the system I am working on only has USB Ports. So, I am looking at USB Speakers or USB Sound card that I can use in QNX 4.25.

I have come across io-audio but that is for QNX 6, even though it seems exactly what I need but I have to find something that works in QNX 4.25

With the old hardware (PCI Sound card), I would normally use the ‘Audio’ manager and it works fine: … audio.html
but that only supports Soundblaster, ProAudio Spectrum , Microsoft Sound System,Roland MPU-401and Adlib.

Is there any USB based audio solution available for QNX 4.25, either a sound card, driver, or any work around?


I’ve never heard of any such support. Why are you suddenly in need of Speakers on a QNX 4.25 system?

Thanks for the replay. I was previously using a PCI Sound Card and that ran fine under QNX 4.25 using the ‘Audio’ Manager. But recently, I have moved to a computer that doesn’t have any PCI slots and my only option of using a sound card is through the USB.

Don’t spend time trying to solve this, any minute is better spent moving the software to QNX 6. QNX 4.25 is as old as Windows 3.11. It doesn’t even support multicore.

Thanks Thunderblade, i couldn’t agree with you more. Though, at this stage, I was looking at a workaround. I run QNX in a virtual machine, another idea I had was to use a virtual sound card for QNX (through VM) and pass it through to the USB sound card in linux (the host OS).

Hi Shapps,

did you succeed in using a virtual machine and routing the simulated audio card out to your USB audio? It sounded like a good idea. Just curious.


  • ThunderBlade

Hello QNX[4] gurus, are there some today’s PC chipsets with integrated Audio chips (or maybe Add-in PCI Sound Card) supported by QNX 4.25 Audio device manager?

Is it possible to play sounds of the older SCADA system (QNX 4.25 based), which are now playing sounds only through built-in (motherboard pinouts) PC Speaker, through integrated Audio (sound “card”)?

Did you really managed? How exactly to do that?