Unable to debug remotely with Momentics

I am using QNX 6.5.0, and Momentics 4.7.0, and am unable to debug remote application. I have tried both “QConn connection” , and “Attach to remote process”, but both end up with error “Cannot access memory at address 0x82533a4”. GDB does work to debug on target, but would like to get the visual debugger working. Any ideas?

A couple of thing to check- 1) /usr/bin/pdebug must exist on target with execute perms and 2) devc-pty must be running.

Is the program C++? C++ programs can crash in constructors called BEFORE the first line in main()

So I have pdebug, and devc-pty running. I don’t think it is nessarily the c++ crashing before attaching, because I get the same result when the program is running happily, and I then try to attach using momentics. Anything else I can try?

I have a little more information. I run ntox86-gdb.exe on my windows machine. If I try to load executable using “file e:\\test.out” I get the error “Cannot access memory at address 0x82533a4” that Momentics was reporting. Any idea why gdb can’t load my file?

Ok a little more progress. If I start gdb in the directory that the executable is in, then I can load file. Next problem is when I run I get “remote (spawn error) input/output error”