SDK Apps and Media reference image not working properly


Would someone help on SDK Apps and Media 1.1 reference image, please?

  1. not accessible. I found out that it it not available in the specified directory, /dev

  2. screen got core-dumped. I set Display as auto-detect, and later changed to manual. Yet the screen does not work. I wonder if it is caused by the display driver of SDK?

Attached is the sloginfo. Would someone help to understand what went wrong, please?

Hi Tim

I found out that is in /base/lib/dll/. However, neither I can copy or make symbolic to the

  1. Symlink failed - ls -la shows root user and nto group. The error message is file not found, but the cursor can autocomplete it!

  2. Copied to /dev - it is read only directory.

Any suggestions, please?