x86 BSP generic

Hi there,
I downloaded the x86 BSP for QNX6.6 which needs patch-660-3885-diskimage.tar before It would be used. patch-660-3885-diskimage.tar is not a source but a file, diskimage. However, there isn’t any instructions for patching the patch to QNX6.6. With find command, I managed to see a copy of diskimage file in $QNX_HOST/linux/x86/usr/bin/diskimage. I presume this file, diskimage would need to be replaced with the one of patch-660-3885-diskimage.tar. Any comments?

Thank you.


I recently used this combination. You are right, patch is probably not the right term to use. Nothing is patched in the usual sense. The “patch” just provides a utility that I thought wasn’t in the BSP. The utility is needed, and I don’t know if the one you found in the distribution is the same or whether it works or not. The one in the patch did work. I recall that the “patch” had two versions, an Windows and a Linux one. Maybe the Linux one is new?

Thanks for sharing. I will keep an eye on that as I haven’t used that tools yet. In addition, I hadn’t used the old one before, hence, I would not able to tell the new one is having any anomalies Thank you