QNX parallel port?

The previous post here:
talked about removing some enumeration to have the parallel port to work again.

I am running into the same problem with QNX 6. I am setting up computers for a embedded systems class and the robot arms connected to the parallel port goes crazy. It doesn’t happen with the QNX4 machines.

Do I need devc-par to be running in order to access the parallel port? or if I don’t how do I remove it from the /etc/system/enum/devices/char file?


NO. Never played with the enumerator config files though… I usually slay devc-par and play from there.

first try to slay devc-par as starless suggested. if you still have problems, as in the other thread, you could try to remove parallel part enumeration by remove the whole block

# device(pnpbios, .type=$(PNPBIOS_TYPE_COMM), .subtype=$(PNPBIOS_COMM_PARALLEL))
# device(isa, .type=$(ISA_TYPE_COMM), .subtype=$(ISA_COMM_PARALLEL), .progif=00)
#        tag(printer)
#        append(legacy, ",nopar")
#        uniq(parnum, devc-par, 1)
#        driver(devc-par $(PAR_OPTIONS) -p0x$(ioport),)
#        waitfor(/dev/par$(parnum))
#        enumerator(par /dev/par$(parnum))
#        use(symbolic=spooler path=/dev/par$(parnum))

Thank you for your suggestions.

The sight of a robot arm suddening going insane and starting to fold into itself is not a pretty sight. Removing the whole block does solve the problem. I will check to see if I can access the parallel port just by I/O address without the presence of devc-par

Does anybody know what devc-par preiodically send/do to the parallel port?

Oh, you don’t want to have devc-par running if you plan on doing direct I/O access to the port. It polls the hardware looking for printers/status/etc.