Need a QNX utility to know the CPU Percentage usage

I want to know whether any QNX utility is availabe to Know the CPU Percentage in the Embedded device which is running the QNX OS.

Please let me know if it is available.



I think it should be pointed out that hogs lists the cpu per process. It does not combine cpu for “os” processes, which under QNX is somewhat arbitrary anyway, and it does not list the cpu for the kernel, although you could argue that the kernel is always executing on behalf of a process.

Do you know how hogs handles multi-core? I think the % listed is for all cores (ie if a process is listed as using 50% and you have a dual core machine your process may really be using 100% of one core) but I’ve never actually confirmed this.


I confirmed your suspicion. On my quad server I started a hard loop program and it shows up as 25% with hogs.

I prefer ‘top’, or, when it needs to be really accurate, I use the System Profiler / tracelogger.

A free version for QNX 4 called “sysmon” used to be available at I do not know where you can obtain it now.