Need some advice for a project

Hi all, I’m new here and after some advice for a university project.

Basically I would like to create a test bed type setup that is pretty realistic to that of a vehicle, possibly with the use of a small touchscreen for someone to interact with the “in-car entertainment system”.

So is this possible? If so, what version would best/where to find the iso file to run on a virtual machine.
And what would be needed to allow a touchscreen interface to display the information and be interactive?

Once i know the most suitable/realistic version and have the image file I could probably add more to it at a later date.

Thanks in advanced.

We need some more information to help you.

How are you getting a QNX license (is school providing a student one)?
Is there a specific version of QNX you have to use for the project (this matters in terms of graphic support as the latest, 6.6 only supports QT while earlier versions also have support for QNX’s own Photon product).

There is some downloadable stuff at QNX related to doing car infotainement systems but you probably need a license for it (hence my first question)

There are also VMWare images available but again may not be the version you want / need.