xpt_configure:mmcsd SIM attach failure (No host controller

Following BSP contains prebuilt .bin image that can be used to start basic file system for QNX: Texas Instruments AM335x EVM (Source: Foundry 27 under BSPs and Drivers>BSP Directory>Downloads#

I am using a board from Compulab SB-T335 EVAL where as the BSP is for TI EVM (same processor used on both boards though) and runs some startup code for board id.

The board already has uboot on it. I used the following command to get prebuilt image .bin file loaded from the SD card (everything okay so far).
mmc dev; fatload mmc 0 0x81000000 ifs-ti-am335x-evm-prebuilt.bin; go 0x81000000

Now, Once the bsp image of QNX has been loaded I am unable to detect the any sd card under /dev folder.

When I try to start the drive for SD card using command below:

devb-mmcsd-jacinto5 cam blk automount=hd0t12:/fs/sd0 mmcsd verbose=5,ioport=0x48060100,irq=64, ioport=0x49000000, dma=24, dma=25

[b]The service comes with the following message (also, screenshot attached)

No host controller found
xpt_configure: mmcsd SIM attach failure

maybe when the code does not return a proper board id the startup code ends up putting the processor in a state where SD card service is not enabled?

are there any commands I can use to make the SD card detectable without rebuilding the image (goal here is to use the prebuilt image that comes with the BSP as I do not have relevant programming skills to edit source and make a new image :blush: ).

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A BSP is not processor specific, it is board specific.
It can be destructive to use the BSP made for one board with another board since a BSP usually configures processor pin muxes according to the schematics of the board.

There are three mmcsd controllers on am335x

4806_xxxx irq 64
481D_xxxx irq 28
4871_xxxx irq 29

Most likely the designers board chose to hook up one of the other two.