.boot file contents

Dear All,

Is there any way to get information on a pre-built .boot file (v4.25)?
I would like to know what programs are included, and what is in the init script.

Is it possible to somehow decompile the .boot file?


yes. try

dumpifs -bx .boot

This is to uncompress ifs file to the current directory. Just like unzip.

I don’t believe dumpifs exists in QNX4 so AFAIK it can’t be done in QNX4.

Its possible that if you have a QNX6 machine you could use that command to dump the QNX4 image if it follows the same conventions.


Yes. Tim is right. dumpifs is not in QNX4.

I think the QNX4 .boot file has just only system files (ex Proc32, Slibxx, Fsys, mount…), right?

And, “to know what programs are included, and what is in the init script”, you should look into /etc/config/sysinit file.

Unfortunately I have the .boot file only, from a now defunct machine.
I just would like to know the version of the system files. And I don’t have the corresponding file system, so I can’t look into the original sysinit. :frowning:

Thank you anyway, now I learnt it’s impossible to decompile the .boot file.

I would try running “hd” on the beginning of the file. I believe there is a header that tells you what programs are there and how they are run. As explained, there is no start script, but instead the file system must be loaded and the /etc/sysinit file is run.