Looking for INTERBUS driver on QNXv6.5

Hi All,

Currently, we are looking for the driver for INTERBUS running on QNXv6.5 SP1. I wonder if someone can provide help. The payment will be good. Thanks.

eshop.phoenixcontact.net/phoeni … =valueSite

See the Drivers section. They will provide the source code to port to other operating systems (QNX for example).

Are you saying you can’t do this work yourself?


Hi Tim,

Interesting. So as you saying, we can get INTERBUS driver code from Phoenix and port them to QNX?

I wonder how much work could be. Since I am not expert on QNX, I am not sure if I can do it myself.

The website seems to indicate they will provide source code. That’s not unusual, many companies provide basic C/C++ code to access proprietary hardware so that someone can use the code on non-Windows/Linux systems.

How much work it would be is going to depend on what you need to do (ie what your application is, what kind of commands you need to read/write etc). If the source code is C/C++ and designed for Linux access it should be pretty straight forward to compile and test (I’ll assume they provide a simple test suite).

Why don’t you write to them and ask for the code. Depending on how large the code sample is, you could zip and post here as an attachment. It would be easy to then look and give an idea on how fast it would compile. The rest (interfacing to your application) would be up to you to guesstimate.


Hi Tim,

Yes. They do have so called “Device Driver Development Kit”. I will see if I can get some sample codes here. Thanks so far.