How to install QNX 6.4.1 to an embedded disk card?

Hi everyone,

I need QNX 6.4.1 run on an embedded disk card (ex. innodisk EDC4000, 512Mb). So, using QNX IDE, I create a system builder project
( see link ).

I add all binaries and DLLs needed, create some folder on host file system. Then, QNX IDE builds this project to an IFS file successfully.
Now, I have an image file qnxbase.ifs, which abouts 29Mb, I copy it to QNX and run fdisk and dinit to build it to EDC:

[code]fdisk /dev/hd10 add -s 1 -t 79 -p 60
fdisk /dev/hd10 boot -s 1 -t 79

dinit -f qnxbase.ifs /dev/hd10t79[/code]

These commands ran ok. But the EDC disk couldn’t boot and when I open it via USB cab, it has no file system (I can’t see any folders on its root filesytem /, there are only 4 files: .inodes, .boot, .bitmap, .altboot; and the size of file .boot is about 29Mb, same as IFS file.)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What’s wrong? Is anyone help me?

A 29 meg boot file! I don’t think that’s legal.

Do you really need to put 29 megs into your boot image (ie is there a reason it must all go in the boot image)?

Your fdisk commands look like the disk card is simply seen as a regular hard drive (you are formatting it for QNX and then adding a 29 meg boot image).

You could instead just put a normal 1 meg boot image on it that just contains the O/S and the driver needed to mount the disk card. Then the rest of your needed files could be manually copied to the file system.


hi Tim,

I don’t know what is wrong in all my building process ?

I rebuild another image without any folders and files, just needed OS image files as they guide :slight_smile:.
The image’s size is about 1Mb, but it can not boot too :’(

The card is formatted for QNX, and the FDISK command ran ok.

What do you see on the screen when you try to boot that 1 meg image.

Does the BIOS report no bootable media? Does QNX start to boot and not finish.

If you run fdisk on the EDC disk you said you see the QNX partition you created. In the Boot column on the far right is there a * next to it to indicate it’s the partition set to boot.


Yeah Tim,

Fdisk command “show” that the bootable partition is marked with “*” symbol.
See link picture in my GoogleDrive:

Filesystem of that image (open via USB cable):
See link picture in my GoogleDrive:

When I boot with this 1 meg image, it shows that:

Verifying DMI Pool Data ... Boot Partition 1? 1 Hit Esc for .altbootD_

and nothing happends…
See link picture in my GoogleDrive:

The capital D is put out when the primary bootstrap (from sector zero) gets an int 13 error trying to load the first few sectors of the active partition. Seems to indicate partition table error.