How to outport data to an address on another node ?


I have some computers connected together via Ethernet, from node 1 to node 3.

Now, on node 1, I want to outport data to an address on node 2, using function outp(), how can I do?

It is system( "on -n2 outp(0x123, 0xFF)" ) , isn’t it? Or any clues?

outp is a C function, not a shell command. You can’t execute C functions from the shell.

Make a small program to do what you want like:

void main()
    outp( 0x123, 0xFF );

Compile this into an executable (say it’s called ‘foo’). Then you can do:

system( “on -n2 foo” )


P.S. If you need variable values outputted, you can use argc/argv in main() to acquire the values to put in outp.