Again and again slinger

I think Slinger is executed but when, in the URL, I write my IP, there are this :

Internal server error

There was an error accessing the URL

What’s the problem now ?
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you can setup syslogd and then run slinger with -d option.
this will make slinger to write debug information to syslog and help you to troubleshoot.

As I do not know QNX, I would like to know how one makes to modify
syslog (which lines of orders I must write) so that do not appear any
more: Internal server error

Can send to me in detail all the contents of syslog!!

help me again please

syslogd creates a file and writes data to it as and when required.
The file name is defined in /etc/syslogd.conf
the default isvar/log/syslog
To view the log you simply open the file.
see the help documentation on syslogd.

Another useful utility is slogger.
This usually runs by default, you view the data by typing sloginfo.
sloginfo | less lets you page throuhg the data.

Have you set up the environment variables as setaile in the user docs?
export HTTPD_ROOT_DIR=/usr/webdoc
export HTTPD_ROOT_DOC=foo.html
export HTTPD_SCRIPTALIAS=/usr/web/cgi

Without this slinger will not know where the html pages are!
Again, it’s all in the docs!