Create partition FAT in NAND


I have the following difficulty.

My project:

MyBoard (microSD and Memory NAND)
`—> MLO → u-boot.img → uEnv.txt → go 0x80100000;

I’m using my IFS in NAND memory.

But now you need to access other areas of the NAND memory, or even create a FAT partition to map dev and access, any suggestions?


You can’t use FAT with NAND memory.
If you want to use FAT with µSD card :
I assume raw SD card is mounted in /dev/hd0

  • umount /dev/hd0
  • fdisk /dev/hd0 delete -a (delete all partitions on the SD card)
  • fdisk /dev/hd0 add -t 12 -s 1 (add partition 1 as FAT32)
  • mount -e /dev/hd0
  • mkdosfs /dev/hd0t12 (format FAT32 partition)

Of course, some filesystem libraries have to be present in your IFS for this to be working.


Yes, uSD I managed to work!

I thought about using something like Linux MTD but using QNX and own .IFS and a FAT partition with MTD in the same NAND Flash.

Worst case, have to handle a “piece” NAND Flash “read, erase, write” with the QNX.

Worst case, have to handle a “piece” NAND Flash “read, erase, write” with the QNX.

See etfs. Divides flash into a “raw” portion (where you put your boot image(s)) and a read/write filesystem (type etfs) in the remainder.

I did not find a guide on QNX to handle etfs as you mentioned. You would have something to show me the document/guideline about etfs?

Here are link of interest to you :

For all this to work, you need a FLASH driver of type devf-xxx
This driver should be in your BSP.

You can get additional information on how to use it here :

You can play with this one (FLASH filesystem simulator) : … 1_4_5_4_41

Had used the devf-ram, it works perfectly, however, the data is lost when you restart.

I’m having trouble to create a “partition” raw for ETFS with mkefs, it must be correct empty?
I used the example of mkfs, but as I “access” it or mount through the ifs?

As its name tells it, file system managed by devf-ram is in RAM. So its content vanishes when powering off/restarting.

Yeah! I use almost similar to Linux tmpfs.
Does using a .IFS image I can “mount” a recorded .etfs in NAND?

Why do you want to mount an IFS in NAND FLASH ?

You can mount an IFS where you want with mount_ifs : … _4_5_13_26

Thank you Nico.
What I want is actually through the QNX IFS to mount something to read-write using NAND Memory.

As the attached image.

My boot is in Memory NAND with QNX IFS in read-only.
Must persist some configuration files that can be changed.

I’m trying to use the Combine Image to work with IFS and EFS (rw).

Unless U-boot can read ETFS, your IFS has to be in raw FLASH memory section. The ETFS section will be mapped further.

U-boot does not understand EFS / ETFS.
I’m recording the IFS in format raw in the NAND memory.
I want the IFS access EFS / ETFS for rw, I saw the “Combine Image” but had no success, it seems to me a way out.

You must mount the etfs from the IFS startup script (in your build file).

Right. But you must have the devil-may driver for this, right? I tried to devf-generic but without success.
I can “mount” ETFS without this devf-? My case is a NAND Micron.

Usually, the devf driver sources needed for your board are in the BSP in src/hardware/flash.

Yes. But I’m using BSP I downloaded the QNX website does not. I will try to see some other than use this Micron memory.

Some example for dvd- driver for Micron Flash?
The BeagleBoard-xm uses Flash Micron, but devf- generates the error ‘Bus Error’ I have no knowledge with drivers for QNX.

Have a look here : … mapL138Evm