This " " is no longer responding.

I’m after libmalloc3r.lib

Does anyone have a copy ?

No one?

It might have been called malloc3r.lib

It was referenced on this forum in April 2004 and also gets a mention in quics experts/c
It was provided by one of the qnx gurus as a replacement (using shared memory)for the watcom malloc/free so that on a free, the memory was returned to the os. I don’t really fancy writing my own.


Not sure how many people are using QNX 4 now that were using it then (2004 and earlier). Mitchell (Maschoen) definitely was and he may have a copy of it.

If you are feeling adventurous you can try this torrent that lists having a copy of it.


I know it’s old. The customer should have migrated from 4 to 6 years ago, but there you go. Now they are having system resource issues…

I’m trying to see if the local qnx distributor has any luck getting the library. If not I will try the torrent (4G yikes…)
Thanks for responding and the link.

Just for anyone who has been following this.
The libmalloc library was in the torrent.
It does work as advertised. Memory usage in one of the apps went from 50M to 3M when I linked in the new library with the malloc/free routines and in another went from over 50M to less than 300k.

thanks to Tim for the link


Glad that worked for you.

I hope you were able to download just the single file from that torrent that you wanted and not have to wait for all 4 Gig. If not maybe you could zip up the file and upload it here so in the future others can access it easier.


I have tried to upload the library.

I keep getting an error saying the extension isn’t allowed.
I’ve tried with .tgz .tgz.txt .txt and no extension

They all get rejected.
So how do I upload?

Put it in a rar/zip archive.

If that still doesn’t work then remove the extension and just upload as malloc3r and let people know to rename to malloc3r.lib.


This is the shared memory malloc/free.

That upload was difficult! Only .gz and .zip extensions are allowed on this site for uploads.
Only found that by doing a search for attachment errors.