Problems with GeForce Ti4200

I have a GeForce Ti4200 videocard. QNX 6.1 is using the driver. Now I have a black area at the right side of my TFT.

Whats wrong?

A couple things are possible. Perhaps the VESAbios on that card is broken. Perhaps the vesa driver in QNX6.1 is broken. You need to provide more information.

Does it happen on all resolutions? Search this site for a vesa driver written by evenh - it is slightly acceleratored (and worth it) and it might not have this problem. Try running the live 6.2.1 CD and see if it is any different (boot off the cd and don’t install, just run and test).

The card works correct, because I have Linux 9.0 and Win2000 on the same machine. I have problems with every resolution, but I will now try the new vesa-driver from evenh. Will give you a feedback…