CAN driver on Karo TX9DL


I have problem with dev-can-mx6x on Karo TX9DL, when I try to start the CAN1 he crashes the card, while the CAN0 starts, but by using it with a CANCASE (from VECTOR) and CANalyzer, I do not get the frames either in transmission nor reception.

Where does your CAN driver come from ?

it comes from the provider of qnx, but it is a generic driver

You need a driver made for i.MX6 (I assume you mean TX6DL and not TX9DL).
You also need a BSP made for the TX6DL board.
What do you mean by “the provider of qnx” ?

I maked a mistake when I wrote, It’s TX6DL not TX9DL.

The provider is SITRE( he provide a basic BSP), I don’t a BSP of the TX6DL, I have just a basic bsp for the imx6 named “dev-can-mx6x”

SITRE is the official BSP provider for TX6 boards.
They should have provided you with a BSP specific to TX6DL board.
The CAN driver is specific to i.MX6 processors not to a board.

The BPS provided is a basic BSP, I know that the can driver is specific for imx6, but it doesn’t work, I changed the base address and know it don’t crash for can0 but still not receiving can frames when I send from the CANCASE, it makes error.

What do you call a basic BSP ?
Is it provided by SITRE ?

Yes it’s provided by SITRE.

The guys of SITRE who sold us the BSP call that a basic BSP, it’s named “dev-can-mx6x” but the base address for example are not correct to imx6 hence the crash if can1, in the code it’s called ringo board i don’t know what’s this ringo board.

If SITRE provided both the BSP and the CAN driver, it’s up to them to provide you with support on this topic. You paid for it.

SITRE provided a basic BSP with others drivers like gpio, usb,., but not the CAN driver, just in the BSP we can find a CAN driver provided by QNX I think, so for others drivers we paid for, but forthe CAN driver no, it’s not developped by them.

You must use :

  • dev-can-mx35 can0 with CAN1
  • dev-can-mx35 can1 with CAN2

Do you have the source code of BSP ?