QNX os images download to customized board (i.MX6X)

Hi there, i have one customized board using the i.MX6Q processor
(linke : mangoboard.com/main/view.asp … &cate3=138)
I want to download QNX operating system image to my board.
So, i did steps using QNX bsp (Freescale i.MX6Q Sabre Board for Smart Devices).
After downloading files into SD card, i inserted and boot up board.
But, there were not working.
I realized that my board is customized.
Nowadays, i modify BSP for my board.But exactly i don’t know where i should change something.
So, help me something about this…
Thank you for reading

Does the board run u-boot? You must boot a custom board with u-boot - not with “ipl” meant for a different board.

Thank you for replying my question.
The answer is YES.
u-boot is customized for my board. This is work well.
My board have some differences.
Reference board has 1GB DDR memory and starts using the number three SD card socket.
But my board has 2GB DDR memory and SD4 socket.