No controlling tty (open /dev/tty:No such device or adrress)

Good Afternoon!

I need Your help with next trouble - when I start the system(I have made my own bootable image OS) I receive next message:
sh: No controlling tty (open /dev/tty: No such device or adrress)
sh: warning: won’t have full job control

After that, when I type the command, it itypes incorrect,for example:
sh: dsl:cannot execute - No such file or directory

Do you know how to fix this problem? Thanks.

There may be more than one problem here.

‘no controlling tty’ means you have no terminal. So if your shell exits it can’t be restarted. Normally you start ‘tinit’ during bootup which starts a shells each time a user logs in (note that tinit would need to be in your bootimage or harddrive/cf card) . … tinit.html

‘sh: ls:cannot execute’ says you don’t have the ‘ls’ command. Does your bootable image contain the ‘ls’ command (or is the ls command installed on a harddrive/CF card)?


You are probably missing this line, or similar.

[type=link] /dev/console = /dev/ser1

assuming the script calls
[+session] ksh &

Another issue that will arise is the need for this directory to be populated (at least for the terminal types you want to support, normaly “ansi” and “vt100”). Otherwise, “TERM=” lines mean nothing and you can’t run programs like fdisk and vi.