Need terminal on Qt4.8

Need ideas on accessing a terminal when a qt GUI application is running.

I’m using qnx 6.5.


What do you mean by accessing a terminal ?

I mean the console were i can use shell command, especially vi.


While quite understandable, I think that you are under a misconception. Qt is NOT a GUI. Qt is a graphics package. I’ve been told that there is a GUI built on top of Qt. The thing to note is that when QNX directs people away from Photon, which IS a GUI, they are not sending them to another GUI. If you want a terminal under Qt you will either have to find existing source code for one, or write it yourself. That terminal will not run along side your existing application in a window as you can do with a GUI. To have it run alongside you would either need to port or write a Qt GUI or integrate the terminal into your application. Isn’t all this nice?

In the past out of curiosity, I put together a modified Qt which I integrated into Photon. That is I created a way to continue using Photon as the GUI but to develop and test, and maybe even deploy a Qt applications under Photon. This was not a particularly difficult task, but almost no one seemed very interested. Then QNX dropped Photon entirely from QNX 6.6, removing any hope future self hosted development on QNX, and so I dropped all my efforts.

Thanks for the reply Maschoen. Was also facing that only option of porting a terminal program source code, integrated along with my GUI Application.

Would like to know, if anyone has done this before?

Normally you would just open a telnet session once graphics takes over the console. Much easier than porting a terminal program :slight_smile: