How to build C to Assembly in QNX 4.25?

Hi EveryOne,

I have some C source files in QNX 4.25. They could be compiled to execuable files successfully.
(with Watcom C compiler 10.6).

But I want to view their intermediate assembly code. What compiler option can I use? … popts.html


Hi Tim,
I have seen these options, but I can’t find out the option can be used to compile C file to ASM file.

I have an old manual and it states:
“WATCOM compilers do no produce an assembly language listing directly from a source program. Instead, the WATCOM Disassembler can be used to generate an assembly lanugage listing from the object file generated by the compiler.”
The Watcom disassembler is “wdisasm”.

Mr MSchneider,
Thanks for your suggest, I will try it.