Vector.assign crash in _flist_bin_first_fit () from


I have following crash when trying to do vector.assign.
This code was working perfectly for 3 mnts but came across following crash one day.
Would like to know under what circumstances following crash occur.

#0 0x010279dc in _flist_bin_first_fit () from
#1 0x01027260 in _list_memalign () from
#2 0x01028440 in T.70 () from
#3 0x785e126c in operator new(unsigned int) () from
#4 0x780a80b8 in void std::vector<char, std::allocator >::assign<char*>(char*, char*) () from

Kindly help under which situation above stack frame comes up.

Just a wild guess but I’d say your machine ran out of memory. … c-common.h

I suspect that function definition at the above link means it’s trying to fit your memory request (from the new() call) and is unable to do so and so it’s throwing an exception. The fact you say it ran fine for 3 months is another reason to make me think you ran out of memory.

You may want to periodically check the ram usage of your program.


Thanks Tim