QNX 6.6 Beaglebone Black spi

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to QNX, and I am learning quickly, however the learning curve is very steep ( much like with any new microprocessor I guess) so hopefully I wont get shot down! :mrgreen:

I have 6.6 running on the Beaglebone Black, and so far I have all the peripherals I need working ( i2c, uart, gpio ) However I am a bit stuck getting SPI to work.

My project I have included hw/spi-master.h, however when i try to call any of the spi functions ( spi_open, etc) Momentics gives me a ‘undefined reference to’ error.

I have spi-master and pin mux set in the bsp, and HDMI has been disabled, but I think I am missing something else by the look of it. There seem to a be a few other threads here, but searching the forum turns up no real answers.

Maybe someone here has had success getting spi ( spi1 in particular ) going with BBB ?



Have you added the SPI library to your Momentics project ?

maybe :unamused:

I think its fixed :slight_smile:

Great ! :laughing: