How to type a PtButton's label in Russian language?


I have a project in Photon AB builder with Russian language. I need to type Russian (Cyrillic) characters in some label and button Pt_ARG_TEXT_STRING.

How can I do?

And, another question, I am using Momentics IDE 6.4.1 and Abbuilder to create my Photon application in Windows 10 64bit.

I drag/drop widgets in ABbuilder and write/change callbacks source-code in Momentics IDE. It works fine and I can save my source-code well too.
But, when I change any widget’s resource and click “Generate UI” in ABbuilder, then everythings which I have changed on abmain.c will be reseted to original, I lost all my change before :frowning:(

How to fix that problem?

A rule for using Photon is, don’t change generated files that start with ab. Other than saying that labels can be entered using UTF-8, I don’t know how to enter the text in Cyrillic.

I’m not sure Photon properly supports Russian language, but probably it somehow does, as there is a QNX distributor in Russia called SWD. I suggest you contact them with your question. For the long term though, I highly recommend moving away from Photon to something like Qt or Storyboard - Photon itself has been deprecated by QNX years ago.