Snapshot (Photon program) - dynamize line parameters?

please, is it possible to “dynamize” command line parameters of the Snapshot (Photon program making screenshots) in order to put “BMP Spool File” to common SMB share (on Windows PC) but not with static filename “print1.bmp”.

I need somehow “dynamize” the filename (e.g. according to the date/time or logged-on user or so).

If it is possible, please give me some examples.

Thank you

Doesn’t appear to be from the doc’s.

But it should be a trivial matter for you to write a wrapper program (or script fie) that does what you want. Your program/script would call snapshot to take a screen shot and then take the resulting print1.bmp file and rename it using date/time and add the “BMP Spool File” option.

If needed your program/script can be called snapshot and the existing snapshot can be renamed to ‘snapshot1’ or s something like that.