Error Loading SO

Buenas tardes, en mi trabajo tenemos una maquina llamada xiipad el cual corre una aplicación desarrollada en QNX el cual de un día para otro dejo de funcionar, el hardware donde está instalado es un Beetle/M fabricado por Wincor Nixdorf la aplicación está en un disco duro de 8gb, un día la pc no quiso arrancar más, indica un error cargando el SO (imagen adjunta) se restauró el disco duro con imágenes de respaldo que se habían hecho en anteriores ocasiones pero indica el mismo error.

Good afternoon, in my work we have a machine called xiipad which runs an application developed in QNX which from one day to another stops working, the hardware where it is installed is a Beetle / M manufactured by Wincor Nixdorf the application is on a 8gb Hard disk, one day the pc did not want to boot anymore, indicates an error loading the OS (attached image) restored the hard disk with backup images that had been made on previous occasions but indicates the same error. Text translated by google.

Since you restored a backup image and it still fails to load that would tend to indicate a hardware problem.

I would suggest checking the BIOS settings. Something may have been wiped out (especially if the CMOS battery failed).

Also /dev/hd2 usually means there is more than 1 hard drive (/dev/hd1 is 1st hard drive). Are there 2 hard drives or 1 drive with 2 partitions in this machine?


Hello tim thanks for your answer, there is only one disk in the machine but maybe when i restore the image norton ghost create an empty partition with the disk space unused, tomorrow at the office i will check that

/dev/hd2 is definitely a 2nd hard drive. A partition would look like this:




The bios settings usually only get in the way of booting. Your clearly loaded the OS off the hard drive using the BIOS and it started executing, but failed when trying to access a disk. That could indicate corrupting, but since it repeats when you reloaded, it suggests maybe a hard drive problem. It’s probably worth trying a new hard drive.