Best way to display splash screen in QNX 6.5.0SP1

After the BIOS, the partition loader displays available partitions with timeout and I see “xpt_configure umass device not found” msg as part of the boot script.

I’m thinking of changing the ipl main to put the display mode in graphics mode using the int 10h BIOS codes, that way it doesn’t show any text messages from the console.

Has anyone done this b4 and do you think this is a good idea?

Is the ipl code not available as part of BSP?

Which is more important, to suppress the startup messages or to see a splash screen. You own the build script so you should be able to suppress the startup messages without going all the way to a splash screen. By the time the OS is loaded and you are running something from the build script the cpu is already in 32bit protected mode, so I’m not sure if int 10 will work. I think you need the Vesa driver up and running to do this.

Is there some reason that you want to be using 6.5, eg. Photon? If not, I believe 6.6 comes with a BSP for x86. Since you mentioned int 10, I’m assuming you are using x86.

How do i get rid of “xpt_configure, no umass interfaces found” message?

Is there a way to remove the partition information displayed by the partition loader? this is before the bootable ifs starts.

What does your build script look like? You can probably redirect the output of your programs in there to /dev/null instead of letting it go to the console.

You can change the partition loader from QNX to some other one (Grub etc). Any partition loader will do.

There are also these custom ones that we use (quiet one might be what you want)


P.S. You may be able to write your own if you are ambitious … ocess.html